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The Journal of Global Health Perspectives Africa Edition features our most influential articles on global health issues in Africa.  This collection of articles encompasses original research, essays, photo journals, case reports, reviews, and perspective pieces covering 13 countries. We commend our authors for their efforts to improve the health and well-being of Africans, as well as their desire to increase to volume of global health knowledge. We also commend the Africans patients, participants and partners who contributed to this repository of knowledge. We are proud to bring this work to the global health community. 

Child Health Inequalities in Nigeria: Magnitude and Determinants of Mortality in Children Under Five

Adeniyi A. Adeboye, Olusimbo K. Ige, Rafeek A. Yusuf. Original Research

Use of Traditional Botanical Medicines During Pregnancy in Rural Rwanda

Jason Beste, Daniel Asanti, Damien NsabimanaKathryn AnastosEugene MutimuraIrwin MerkatzNicole Sirotin, and Lisa M. Nathan. Original Research

Can It Be Any Hotter? An Essay Reflecting on a Medical Experience in Rwanda

Samuel Enumah. Essay

Building capacity for birth defects surveillance in Africa: Implementation of an intermediate birth defects surveillance workshop

Alina Flores, Diana Valencia, Ahlia Sekkarie, Christina L. Hillard, Jennifer Williams, Boris Groisman, Lorenzo D. Botto, Juan Pablo Peña-Rosas, Lieven Bauwens, and Pierpaolo Mastroiacovo. Case Report

Improving Tuberculosis Case Detection and Treatment Adherence in Ethiopia: Using Behavioral Economics to Redefine the Need for Cultural Competence

Kyle R. Fluegge, Christina Durchholz, Elizabeth R. Barker. Original Research

Patient 095

Brian Heiniger. Perspective

An Analysis of Ethiopian Rural-to-Urban Migration Patterns from Primary Interviews

Dana E. Hunnes. Original Research

Understanding Rural-to-Urban Migration in Ethiopia:  Driving Factors, Analytical Frameworks, and Recommendations

Dana E. Hunnes. Review

Understanding Women’s Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer in Rural Mali: Lessons from the African Sky Mothers and Daughters Summit

Kate E. Lechner, Amanda J. Hong, Arthur Sillah, Raymond Schneider, Scott Lacy. Case Report 

When Culture Meets Medicine: Reflections on a Medical Mission to Cameroon

Ashley O’Connell. Case Report Abstract

Delivering Healthcare in Somaliland, NW Somalia

Wycliffe Omanya, Kate Gallagher. Photo Journal

Lab Man

John T. Redd, Kristy T. Joseph. Perspective

Food Security Monitoring and Evaluation in Dissan, Rural Mali: Preliminary Findings

Raymond Schneider, Arthur Sillah, Kate E. Lechner, Scott Lacy. Original Research

Assessing and Applying Evidence-Based Interventions at the Community Level in India as a Model Policy to Reduce Neonatal Mortality Rates in Nigeria

Leah Yieh, Rajam Ramamurthy. Original Research

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