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How to pass Year 12 Health & Human Development

Health and Human Development1

Health and human development are one of the subjects needed to pass by year 12 students in order to get their VCE. Passing this subject can be quite difficult for some people due to the complexity of the topics in it. 

Here we will give you a few tips and advice on how to pass year 12 health and human development.

Understanding Health and Human Development

The basics of understanding health and human development are that it’s about knowing the health status of one’s own country and helping developing countries improve their ability to provide proper health services and care to their own citizens.

It is to promote the health and well-being of the people to their government in order for their economic situation to improve by having a healthy population to work with. 

If the government can get a greater understanding of health then they can create more health programs to provide their citizens with a better quality life which can help with the economic progress of the area.

Organizations like the WHO have been working hard to promote this so that developing countries can create good health policies and increase their healthy population which can correlate to poverty reduction. 

Preparations for Taking the Exam

It’s important to pass on this type of test that you should have a good study schedule to keep you focused on the exam.

Try to join study groups and try to memorize and understand everything that’s included on the test. Revise the different concepts as much as possible in order to solidify it in your brain.

It’s a great choice to also take practice tests and set a specific amount of time on how long you can finish a portion of the test to improve your comprehension of the topic. Be ready for any sudden questions that may correlate with the previous topic.

What to Focus on Studying

Always be sure to keep yourself updated with the latest study books of health and human development as this concept is dynamic which constantly evolves as time passes.

There are also concepts in it that you’ll need to understand like health indicators as they will be the foundations you need to build your knowledge on.

You will need to focus on how your country’s health status is different from other developed countries and you’ll also need to understand and explain the variations of health in other groups.

There is also a need to know the models of promoting health to other areas to improve their current state which you will need to investigate how their local government institutes its health programs to their people. 


Knowing more about health and human development and studying hard about it can help you pass your exams on this.

It’s always important that you have focus and determination to pass. There are also a lot of reference books online if you’re not satisfied with the content that you have right now.