What types of works are published in the Journal of Global Health Perspectives?

  1. Original research articles.
  2. Original clinical investigations.
  3. Review articles.
  4. Case reports.
  5. Meta-analysis articles.
  6. Editorials that deal with current topics in healthcare or global health and/or produce recommendations for future study or action.
  7. Journal articles detailing experiences, observations, or reflections on global health issues.
  8. Photo journal articles detailing experiences, observations, or reflections on global health issues.

If you have an idea for an article that you think would greatly benefit the global health community but does not fall into one of the above listed categories, please email us at info@jglobalhealth.org


Are there any charges or fees to submit or publish an article in the Journal of Global Health Perspectives?

  • There are no charges or fees of any kind to submit and publish an article, unlike other open-access journals. No money changes hands, whatsoever.

How do I publish in the Journal of Global Health Perspectives?


How long will it take for my work to get published?

  • Due to high submission volume, wait times are currently longer than usual. We strive for the fastest possible turnaround times while ensuring the quality of our process.

How do I get a status update on my article or submission?

  • Sorry, we no longer provide status updates. Please know that we’re working hard to review, edit and process your submissions.

Can I submit an abstract of a forthcoming article for publication approval?

  • Yes. We will accept abstracts as a means to approve concepts for publication. As long as the work is relevant, scientifically sound and ethical, an article that results from an approved abstract will be published.


I don’t have many (or any) publication credits. Are there any requirements to be an author?

  • The Journal of Global Health Perspectives is committed to publishing the highest quality articles to facilitate the spread of ideas, research, and information. As long as your work is relevant, your science is sound and your work is ethical, you can publish here.


Why should I publish my work at the Journal of Global Health Perspectives?

  1. Our open-access model allows your articles to reach more people.
  2. Unlike other open-access journals, our non-profit approach allows you to submit and publish articles for free, and there are no charges of any type.
  3. Our journal is intentionally broad in scope. Your article may not fit the narrow criteria of other journals, but you will find a home for it here.
  4. We focus on the presentation, research methods and ethics of articles submitted, not on the affiliations or credentials of the author.



Is the Journal of Global Health Perspectives indexed in PubMed?

  • Not at this time. However, we know that this is important to many of our authors, and we are taking the necessary steps to be included in these indexing services.


Who is the publisher of the Journal of Global Health Perspectives?

  • The Journal of Global Health Perspectives is published by First Aid WorldWide Research, a division of the 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation First Aid WorldWide. First Aid WorldWide is registered with the US Treasury Department and is operated entirely by US citizens . To learn more about First Aid WorldWide, please visit www.firstaidworldwide.org.
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