What Allergy Medicines Are Safe During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the best gifts in life a mother can have. Bringing a blessing into the world that’s created inside her womb is a treasure worth keeping. But that also means multiple allergies that will result in sleepless nights and mood swings as well. 

Luckily, there are allergy meds available that are safe to take for pregnant women without doing any harm to the baby they’re carrying. Though keep in mind that taking medication during pregnancy is not recommended, so only take such meds when it’s direly needed.

So what are these meds we are talking about? Continue to read on and find out.

Claritin (loratadine)

Claritin is an antihistamine med that is best used for nasal allergies and congestions. No need to worry about side effects because Claritin has already been proven safe to take for pregnant women.

Not only Claritin do wonders for nasal allergies such as runny nose, but it also helps ease watery eyes, hives, sneezing, skin rash, and itching as well.

What’s best about Claritin is that it doesn’t make you feel drowsy or sleepy compared to other antihistamine drugs such as Benadryl.

Zyrtec (cetirizine)

Zyrtec is also an antihistamine drug that is used to treat allergies such as dermatitis, urticaria, or allergic rhinitis. And just like Claritin, it also eases itching, watery eyes, sneezing, and the like.

However, Zyrtec may make you feel drowsiness and tiredness so it’s best to take this medicine when you’re about to go to bed. And also, avoid taking Zyrtec together with muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, or other sedating drugs as it can make you more sleepy.

Some side effects of Zyrtec include sore throat, nausea, and dizziness so make sure to follow the recommended usage.

Afrin Nasal Spray (oxymetazoline)

If your doctor doesn’t allow you to take meds orally, then a nasal spray will do the trick if you’re experiencing severe nasal problems. The Afrin nasal spray helps treat stuffy nose by shrinking the blood vessels in the nasal passages.

Make sure to follow your doctor’s recommended usage for this nasal spray as it can cause some serious side effects such as nervousness, high blood pressure, and trembling just to name a few.

Keep in mind that Afrin is only considered as an alternative by doctors if oral medications don’t work. It’s safe to use Afrin during the three trimesters of pregnancy as long as you visit your doctor regularly for a quick check-up for symptoms of some sort.


It’s better to be safe than sorry. Even though allergy meds are sorely needed during pregnancy, a trip to the doctor’s office is still needed. And along with relying from these meds, you should also start living a healthy lifestyle too.Do some light workouts, eat healthier meals, get enough sleep, and be at your best to stay positive. A healthier mom is equal to a healthy baby. So instead of slacking around during your pregnancy stage, do your part to keep your health at its peak.