Maternal And Child Health: Everything You Need To Know

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The health of a mother and child is one of the top priorities of the government of each country so that they can decrease the mortality rate of newborns in their area.

It’s one of the programs that they made in order to provide mothers and their children the quality healthcare that they need even if they can’t afford to pay for them. 

Here we will discuss what is maternal and child health and the goals and plans on improving them.

What is its main goal?

The maternal and child health programs of the government’s main goal are to improve the lives that each mother and their infants have, giving them the necessary items to survive like water, food, and sanitation. 

They will also try to provide healthcare services and assessments to see the physical and mental condition of both the mother and child.

They will also prioritize helping the parents with quality family planning in order to help the child grow up properly and so that they can be able to give the quality education it needs when the infant grows up.

Why is maternal and child health important?

Providing the necessary tools and knowledge is important for the survival of the child and its mother.

When the mother is still in her pregnancy, the programs that the government provides can give them the opportunity to check if there are any preventable life-threatening risks that they may have in order to avoid complications in the foreseeable future.

This is to decrease the mortality rate during childbirth and to give early treatment to whatever problems that may occur post-pregnancy.

A Human Rights Policy 

The importance of lowering the mortality rate of maternity has become a human right recently.

It has become a priority during the 2016 geneva general assembly as every nation should track the mortality rate during childbirth of each country and create more workforces in developing countries in order to improve the health problems of pregnant women and infants. 

Determining Maternal and Child Health

There are multiple determinants that will affect the health of the mother and child. These will include employment opportunities in order to sustain a family, the availability of resources for daily needs, and the basic education that is needed by the child. 

The government will check all of these factors to see if there is anything lacking so that they can help the area improve in those parts so that each family is able to attain self-sustainability. 

Knowing the Programs

There have been a lot of programs that each government has produced in order to provide for the mother and their child.

Programs that were offered involved family planning, early detection, and screenings for infants, child healthcare, injury prevention, and birth condition programs which will help both the mother and the child during childbirth.


It is important for every country to check on their maternal and child health in order to improve their basic healthcare programs and lower their maternity death rate. It will bring progress to each nation, especially third world countries.