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Please note that we are accepting submissions for publication on a rolling basis.

The goal of the Journal of Global Health Perspectives is to provide a free, open-access, online educational resource for the global health community. We are striving to be a world leader in the spread of ideas and research. This journal meets an unmet need in the global health community, and is an excellent venue to publish articles that otherwise may not fit the narrow criteria of other journals.

We’re seeking the following types of articles for our first edition:

  1. Original research articles.
  2. Original clinical investigations.
  3. Review articles.
  4. Case reports.
  5. Meta-analysis articles.
  6. Editorials that deal with current topics in healthcare or global health and/or produce recommendations for future study or action.
  7. Journal articles detailing experiences, observations, or reflections on global health issues.
  8. Photo journal articles detailing experiences, observations, or reflections on global health issues.

These articles can focus on either domestic or international healthcare issues, and do not need to be limited solely to international medical work.


How to submit an article:

To have your article selected for publication, you must first become an approved author for this issue of the Journal of Global Health Perspectives. To do this, please email either (1) your article, (2) a concept paper or draft, or (3) an abstract of your article along with your institutional affiliations, to Please indicate which of the eight categories of submissions listed above best describes your work. We will then review your submission. Our review process will be timely and efficient.

Important information regarding submission:

  1. Submit all documents to
  2. There is no charge to submit or publish an article, and there are no handling or charges of any type.

If you have any questions or want to discuss details please do not hesitate to email:


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