What Allergy Medicines Are Safe During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the best gifts in life a mother can have. Bringing a blessing into the world that’s created inside her womb is a treasure worth keeping. But that also means multiple allergies that will result in sleepless nights and mood swings as well. 

Luckily, there are allergy meds available that are safe to take for pregnant women without doing any harm to the baby they’re carrying. Though keep in mind that taking medication during pregnancy is not recommended, so only take such meds when it’s direly needed.

So what are these meds we are talking about? Continue to read on and find out.

Claritin (loratadine)

Claritin is an antihistamine med that is best used for nasal allergies and congestions. No need to worry about side effects because Claritin has already been proven safe to take for pregnant women.

Not only Claritin do wonders for nasal allergies such as runny nose, but it also helps ease watery eyes, hives, sneezing, skin rash, and itching as well.

What’s best about Claritin is that it doesn’t make you feel drowsy or sleepy compared to other antihistamine drugs such as Benadryl.

Zyrtec (cetirizine)

Zyrtec is also an antihistamine drug that is used to treat allergies such as dermatitis, urticaria, or allergic rhinitis. And just like Claritin, it also eases itching, watery eyes, sneezing, and the like.

However, Zyrtec may make you feel drowsiness and tiredness so it’s best to take this medicine when you’re about to go to bed. And also, avoid taking Zyrtec together with muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, or other sedating drugs as it can make you more sleepy.

Some side effects of Zyrtec include sore throat, nausea, and dizziness so make sure to follow the recommended usage.

Afrin Nasal Spray (oxymetazoline)

If your doctor doesn’t allow you to take meds orally, then a nasal spray will do the trick if you’re experiencing severe nasal problems. The Afrin nasal spray helps treat stuffy nose by shrinking the blood vessels in the nasal passages.

Make sure to follow your doctor’s recommended usage for this nasal spray as it can cause some serious side effects such as nervousness, high blood pressure, and trembling just to name a few.

Keep in mind that Afrin is only considered as an alternative by doctors if oral medications don’t work. It’s safe to use Afrin during the three trimesters of pregnancy as long as you visit your doctor regularly for a quick check-up for symptoms of some sort.


It’s better to be safe than sorry. Even though allergy meds are sorely needed during pregnancy, a trip to the doctor’s office is still needed. And along with relying from these meds, you should also start living a healthy lifestyle too.Do some light workouts, eat healthier meals, get enough sleep, and be at your best to stay positive. A healthier mom is equal to a healthy baby. So instead of slacking around during your pregnancy stage, do your part to keep your health at its peak.

cannabidiol compound

What Is Cannabidiol Compound? Definition & Benefit Unveiled

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Cannabidiol compound has become quite popular recently due to the health effects it has on the body and its ability to help people. As long as you have the best CBD oil brands choice.

A lot of doctors have also been starting to recommend this as an alternative to other drugs to some patients due to it having no severe side effects.

So what is the Cannabidiol compound and what benefits does it truly give to the body?

Here, we’ll show everything that is to know with this drug.

What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol or popularly known as CBD is a chemical compound that’s extracted from a marijuana plant. It used to treat common ailments and to put the body in a state of homeostasis.

Compared to its similar chemical compound THC, it does not contain any psychoactive compound that gets you high from the plant.

Is Cannabidiol Safe?

The chemical is mainly safe to consume as there has been no evidence found in research that it can have side effects. Although it does cause diarrhea and nausea to people who are weak to the chemical, it does not have any symptoms that may deem life-threatening. 

Health Benefits of Using Cannabidiol

Pain Reliever

The effects of CBD when it interacts with your brain receptors can act as a pain reliever. It can help with minor pains in your body like muscle pain while it also acts as a remedy for people who have sclerosis as there are results showing improvement on pain and muscle spasms due to the drug.

Reduce Anxiety

When you take CBD into your body, it reacts with your serotonin receptors which are the ones responsible for your happiness level.

CBD helps regulate the release of serotonin so that you can stay calm and relaxed for a duration of time. This helps you reduce your anxiety and avoids you from getting depressed.

Neuroprotective Properties

There has been researched done with CBD on its properties being able to have effects on helping people with neurodegenerative disorders as it helps repair damaged brain neurons which are the main cause of Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

Mental Disorders

Cannabidiol has shown to be able to suppress a few mental disorders due to how it manages to affect the brain.

It can help ease depression and anxiety as it’s able to regulate the release of serotonin in the body. There is still further research on how CBD is able to help with other types of mental disorders as it might have a future for becoming a new version of the medication.

Cannabidiols Effects with Cancer

Researchers have been trying to look if Cannabidiol can be a way to relieve people from having cancer-related symptoms and the side effects of getting cancer treatment. 

There are also tests that show CBD having anticancer properties but are still in their early stages as they are only experimenting with them on animals. 

How to Consume Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol can be consumed in a lot of ways. They can be smoked, vaped, eaten, drunk from, etc. There are a lot of products that sell different types of methods to get CBD into your system so that you can enjoy yourself while you’re regulating yourself using the drug.

Each method of getting CBD in your body can have different effects and time for it to take effect.


Cannabidiol has been studied in order to find a potential role in helping people find alternatives from drugs that have harsher side effects. If you want to consume CBD as a type of medication it’s best if you ask for your doctor for professional advice to see if it’s good for you.

Health and Human Development1

How to pass Year 12 Health & Human Development

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Health and human development are one of the subjects needed to pass by year 12 students in order to get their VCE. Passing this subject can be quite difficult for some people due to the complexity of the topics in it. 

Here we will give you a few tips and advice on how to pass year 12 health and human development.

Understanding Health and Human Development

The basics of understanding health and human development are that it’s about knowing the health status of one’s own country and helping developing countries improve their ability to provide proper health services and care to their own citizens.

It is to promote the health and well-being of the people to their government in order for their economic situation to improve by having a healthy population to work with. 

If the government can get a greater understanding of health then they can create more health programs to provide their citizens with a better quality life which can help with the economic progress of the area.

Organizations like the WHO have been working hard to promote this so that developing countries can create good health policies and increase their healthy population which can correlate to poverty reduction. 

Preparations for Taking the Exam

It’s important to pass on this type of test that you should have a good study schedule to keep you focused on the exam.

Try to join study groups and try to memorize and understand everything that’s included on the test. Revise the different concepts as much as possible in order to solidify it in your brain.

It’s a great choice to also take practice tests and set a specific amount of time on how long you can finish a portion of the test to improve your comprehension of the topic. Be ready for any sudden questions that may correlate with the previous topic.

What to Focus on Studying

Always be sure to keep yourself updated with the latest study books of health and human development as this concept is dynamic which constantly evolves as time passes.

There are also concepts in it that you’ll need to understand like health indicators as they will be the foundations you need to build your knowledge on.

You will need to focus on how your country’s health status is different from other developed countries and you’ll also need to understand and explain the variations of health in other groups.

There is also a need to know the models of promoting health to other areas to improve their current state which you will need to investigate how their local government institutes its health programs to their people. 


Knowing more about health and human development and studying hard about it can help you pass your exams on this.

It’s always important that you have focus and determination to pass. There are also a lot of reference books online if you’re not satisfied with the content that you have right now.


Maternal And Child Health: Everything You Need To Know

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The health of a mother and child is one of the top priorities of the government of each country so that they can decrease the mortality rate of newborns in their area.

It’s one of the programs that they made in order to provide mothers and their children the quality healthcare that they need even if they can’t afford to pay for them. 

Here we will discuss what is maternal and child health and the goals and plans on improving them.

What is its main goal?

The maternal and child health programs of the government’s main goal are to improve the lives that each mother and their infants have, giving them the necessary items to survive like water, food, and sanitation. 

They will also try to provide healthcare services and assessments to see the physical and mental condition of both the mother and child.

They will also prioritize helping the parents with quality family planning in order to help the child grow up properly and so that they can be able to give the quality education it needs when the infant grows up.

Why is maternal and child health important?

Providing the necessary tools and knowledge is important for the survival of the child and its mother.

When the mother is still in her pregnancy, the programs that the government provides can give them the opportunity to check if there are any preventable life-threatening risks that they may have in order to avoid complications in the foreseeable future.

This is to decrease the mortality rate during childbirth and to give early treatment to whatever problems that may occur post-pregnancy.

A Human Rights Policy 

The importance of lowering the mortality rate of maternity has become a human right recently.

It has become a priority during the 2016 geneva general assembly as every nation should track the mortality rate during childbirth of each country and create more workforces in developing countries in order to improve the health problems of pregnant women and infants. 

Determining Maternal and Child Health

There are multiple determinants that will affect the health of the mother and child. These will include employment opportunities in order to sustain a family, the availability of resources for daily needs, and the basic education that is needed by the child. 

The government will check all of these factors to see if there is anything lacking so that they can help the area improve in those parts so that each family is able to attain self-sustainability. 

Knowing the Programs

There have been a lot of programs that each government has produced in order to provide for the mother and their child.

Programs that were offered involved family planning, early detection, and screenings for infants, child healthcare, injury prevention, and birth condition programs which will help both the mother and the child during childbirth.


It is important for every country to check on their maternal and child health in order to improve their basic healthcare programs and lower their maternity death rate. It will bring progress to each nation, especially third world countries.