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Noteworthy Articles

Chronic Wounds: An Analysis of the Challenges Facing Marginalized Populations in Impoverished Settings

In this article, Alexander Blum of Brown University and the Texas Children’s Hospital Department of Pediatric Surgical Research discusses an important topic in global health care: the multifactorial challenges facing patients with severely limited access to care. This work focuses on the author’s experience with chronic wound care in West Bengal, and confronts the difficult realities facing […]

Development of Patient Education Materials for Total Joint Replacement during an International Surgical Brigade

In this article, Derek Stenquist and a team from Harvard’s orthopedic surgery programs discuss their development of patient education materials for use in a surgical brigade in the Dominican Republic. According to patients, these materials were appealing and appropriate, and their authors conclude that “patient education may play an important role in optimizing outcomes in the […]

Exemplar of Ethical Global Health Service

In this article, Madeleine Schachter of the Weill Cornell School of Medicine and the New York Presbyterian Hospital discusses the special ethical duties of healthcare providers in global health settings.  She advocates for increased attention to ethical conduct when working with vulnerable populations. Her article presents a case study about Concern Worldwide, a global health […]

Why Is There No Funding For Non-Communicable Diseases?

In his insightful new piece, Why Is There No Funding For Non-Communicable Diseases?, Dr. Luke Allen of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Population Health assesses why non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have received so little attention from the global health community.

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